MotivFit™ Time Marker Water Bottles


“These water bottles are so great! I love the color and the cool labels.” - Carla A.

Replenish, refuel and rehydrate your way to your fitness adventure.

Make fluid replacement a priority when you're physically active. Drinking enough fluids will help to maintain your concentration and performance, increase your endurance, and prevent excessive elevations in heart rate and body temperature when working out.

Opt for a water bottle that gives constant motivation to get you drinking the fluids your body needs like these MotivFit™ Time Marker Water Bottles, your new workout buddy!

Advantages of using a reusable water bottle

🏋️ Eco-friendly - Make a difference! By simply carrying along with this MotivFit™ Time Marker Water Bottle you are straying away from single-use plastic water bottles.

🏋️ Better for your health - Make your fitness adventure full-on healthy, better avoid single-use plastic bottles as they often contain bisphenol A, an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins. Having your reusable water bottle made from all-natural materials is the best way to go.

🏋️ Saves you money - Bringing your water surely saves you more than consciously buying water bottles from stores and gyms, they are often marked up in places that it is in high demand like workout establishments, better carry your own MotivFit™ Time Marker Water Bottles than constantly be overcharged!


Why MotivFit™ Time Marker Water Bottles are a must-have?

Tight lid - Featuring a popup straw that only leaks out when fully opened.

Leak-proof - No need to worry about spills with this MotivFit™ Time Marker Water Bottle's leakproof technology.

Marked - With witty reminders marked on the bottles that serve as your reminder to drink up throughout your day.

Ergonomic design - Featuring a large side handle and a carrying strap attached to its neck that makes it easy to bring along.


Eco-friendly, ergonomic, and encourages you to live a healthier life, grab yours today!


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