UltraFit™ Adjustable Training Hoops

"These hoops are so fun to use I can work out using them all day!"

Jean G.

Workouts shouldn't be stressful! Better make your journey to a healthier life a fun and enjoyable one with these UltraFit™ Adjustable Training Hoops.

Benefits of making UltraFit™ Adjustable Training Hoops part of your everyday workout routine

✔️ Improves your aerobic health -  Regular use of UltraFit™ Adjustable Training Hoops can result in stronger heart and lungs and improved blood flow, using these hoops have the same physical equivalent of belly dancing and it's as fun too!

✔️ Reduces fat around your waist and hips - Most of the movement comes from the waist and hips when using these hoops. It burns fat and shapes your body as you move.

✔️ Reduces abdominal fat - Compared to other light exercises, using these UltraFit™ Adjustable Training Hoops can help reduce abdominal fat and strengthen glutes with constant use.

✔️ Increases core muscle mass - To keep the hoop moving continuously and keep it around your hips, you are required to activate the muscles in your core, and because those muscles are the star of this activity the constant stimulation may help in strengthening them. 

✔️ Easy to use - These UltraFit™ Adjustable Training Hoops are a must-have for beginners who are only starting working out regularly because using these hoops is easy, fun, and incredibly effective. 

Now you can shrink love handles, tone abs, and lose weight all in a fun and easy way thanks to UltraFit™ Adjustable Training Hoops.

The ball that comes with the hoop set is empty which gives you the freedom to fill it out as heavy or as light as you need it to be! Home workouts have never been this efficient and fun with UltraFit™ Adjustable Training Hoops!